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Psychology and TestingMartedì 20 Giugno

Testing software, in a more mature and structured way, is synonym to bringing (big) changes in our organizations. It is introducing new (disturbing) processes, new (intrusive) reporting, new (annoying) gates, new (unknown) roles and responsibilities…

All of those irremediably change the way of working of many co-workers, disrupting existing (bad?) long running habits. They also break the notions of "business as usual", silent rules, chain of commands and many of those comfort zones people got accustomed to.

As a consequence, people are prone to react and reject in various sorts of ways what seems to make their life less happy than it used to be (needless to say it wasn’t paradise on Earth already).

Those will adopt strategies and games to counter-strike and keep "comfort" and "normality" at run. It follows that a battle is engaged which none might ever win.

However, testers also have their own games and weapons to convince organizations to increase their quality and maturity for their own good.

My presentation / tutorial, based upon psychology researches and reference schools, is illustrated by many examples, taken straight from the trenches, with the necessary spoonful of humor that makes the medicine go down.

It will show, dissect and decrypt many (power) games and mechanisms that we face nearly every day - both in our professional and personal life - usually unnoticed.

So lay down the couch and take the journey with me in the hearts and brains of testers and fellow co-workers…

9:00 - 17:30
Olivier Denoo
Hotel NH Milano Congress Centre