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The future of Requirements Engineering in an agile context – RE@Agile

Although several studies show that Requirements Engineering (RE) is an important discipline for successful software and product development, RE is often perceived to be in conflict with agile development approaches. Taking extreme positions, RE is concerned with the systematic elicitation and documentation of requirements, while agile stresses the importance of working software over comprehensive documentation.

This talk argues that both extremes - creating software by purely working on documented requirements vs. creating software by purely working on code - are insufficient for successful software development in today’s project situations. Instead, we should understand the power of the spectrum that is formed between these extremes and utilize them in the proper context. The talk shows how RE and Agile go well together, it discusses misconceptions and pitfalls to avoid when doing RE in an Agile context. At the end the new certification RE@Agile form IREB is briefly introduced.

15:00 - 15:20
Stefan Sturm - Managing Director - IREB e Werner Henschelchen - General Manager - GASQ
NH Milano Congress Center - Sala Scala